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DIG - Ukraine

DIG Украина 25 лет в эфире !

DIG Украина 25 лет в эфире !
 Diploma DIG 25
Short time award January 1, 2019 until December 31, 2019
Diploma Interest Group (DIG) Ukraine celebrates its 25 th birthday during the year 2019. On this occation DIG issues a short time award for contacts with DIG members and club stations througout the year 2019. The award is available for every licensed radio amateur and SWL world wide.
25 Points are necessary for the award application.
Only one contact per DIG member or club station is possible.

50 лет клубу DIG !

50 лет клубу DIG !
В конце Мая начале Июня будет отмечатся юбилей клуба DIG.


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