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Юбилей DIG .

Юбилей DIG .

Новый диплом DIG-PA условия , внешний вид диплома и юбилейной QSL...

Contact a certain number of DIG-PA stations (SWL's on heard basis):

PA-Stations: PC25DIG + PI4DIG + 10 Dutch DIG members
EU-Stations: PC25DIG + PI4DIG + 3 Dutch DIG members or PC25DIG + 6 Dutch DIG members
DX-Stations: PC25DIG + PI4DIG or PC25DIG + 3 Dutch DIG members
PC25DIG will be active from: 29 January - 13 February 2009 28 March - 12 April 2009 (incl. WPX-SSB and DIG-QSO Party CW) 24 December 2009 - 8 January 2010

The award can be worked on HF and VHF. All bands and modes may be used, except Repeater, Packet-Radio and Echolink QSO's. Special endorsements for HF, VHF or CW.

Send a lists of contacts plus a fee of € 5, US$ 8 of 6 IRC's to the award manager:

Ans Wildeboer,
PD5W Kempenland 13 8302 MT EMMELOORD
The Netherlands
E-mail: jubileum [at]